Dairy-Free Breastfeeding Resources

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Dairy-Free Infant Probiotic

This particular brand probiotic by Klaire Labs is often recommended by dairy-free breastfeeding parents. If you’d like to give your baby a probiotic, first discuss your plans with your pediatrician.

books & Cookbooks

Dairy Free Snacks & SPLURGES*

*Please double check the allergen content of these treats before you purchase. Some dairy-free treats here may contain soy or other allergens. There are, of course, many more options than these, but here’s a start:

Recommended Ergonomic Baby Carriers

There are many different brands of carriers that are ergonomic, but here are a few that are popular with many parents. You are looking for a carrier with a wide enough seat to keep baby’s legs in an ergonomic “M” position. 

(Wrap carriers must be tied a special way)

(Note that this style of carrier needs to be tied a special way)

(This brand of wrap slips on like a shirt)

Breastfeeding Books I recommend