Lavender & Lemon Oatmeal Mud Mask

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I wanted to share a DIY body care project I worked on this weekend using a Essential Oils Kit. This is a great face mask to make even if you don’t currently have essential oils at your disposal.

This relaxing oatmeal mud mask is made with ground oatmeal, ground lavender buds, pascalite clay, milk and essential oils. It keeps well and makes a great gift! | DIY Bath and Body | Mom Makes Joy

I got the idea for the project while talking to Michelle about the benefits of essential oils in skin care projects. As you might remember from my Sweet Almond Honey Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Soap project, oatmeal is incredibly good for the skin, and I happen to still have a ton of plain oats in my cupboard, so I thought that would be a great place to start! And ever since my DIY “Edible” Mud Mask, I’ve been dying to make a mask with actual mud in it–and VOILA! The Lavender and Lemon Oatmeal Mud Mask was born!

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What I love about this project is unlike the edible “mud” mask, you can store your mask mix for later use, and it would make a great gift! Also unlike the edible mud mask, this mask has actual mud in it, so don’t eat it! To make this mask, you will need:

After researching which kind of “mud” I should use for this mask, I stumbled across this blog {Thanks Wellness Mama!} that talks about the health benefits of bentonite clay. The natural health store I went to carried pascalite clay, which I understand to be a type of bentonite clay, so you can use either. These clays are unique because when they are mixed with fluid, they produce an “electrical charge” that draws out toxins and impurities from the skin. Cool, right? They can be used by themselves combined with water as a mud mask if you wanted to, or in a bath.

I began by grounding up my oatmeal (1 cup) with some lavender flowers (1 Tbsp) so that I had a more fine powder to work with. I used my mini Cuisinart mixer and found that the “chop” function seemed to work most effectively. What I didn’t realize is that the lavender flowers would be so potent scent-wise! The flowers are optional–to be totally honest, my main motivation to include them was that I thought they were pretty!

If you don’t use flowers or only use a small amount, add a drop of lavender essential oil into your ground oats. And if you want to go nuts with your oils like I did, add another drop of lemon essential oil and the oil from two capsules of Vitamin E, and then push the chop button a couple more times to mix all the oils in well.

From there I added in my pascalite clay (5 Tbsp) and mixed it in with a wooden spoon. From there, all you need to do is put your mix in a jar for storage! I found this super cute jar (below) that was just perfect to store a mask mix or sugar scrub at my local naturals store.

To use your mix, combine it with water or milk (I used milk) until you have a thin paste. You don’t want it to be runny, but if it is too thick it will not spread across the face easily. This can be used as a refreshing face mask or face scrub. When finished, wash off your face with cool water. And it’s that easy!


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