Online breastfeeding classes & EBOOKS

Freezer Stash 101

Everything you need to know about selecting and properly using your pump, creating a freezer stash, protecting your milk supply from hidden dangers, and preventing overfeeding + bottle preference. 

Lessons: 29 short video lessons organized in 5 units
Total Length:
 80 minutes (self-paced)
Price: $23

The Ultimate Dairy-Free Breastfeeding Class

Starting a dairy-free breastfeeding diet doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Learn how to navigate ingredient labels, identify hidden dairy, figure out dairy substitutions, ease your baby’s symptoms & much more!

Lessons: 21 short video lessons organized in 5 units
Total Length:
1 hour 40 minutes (self-paced)
Price: $19

The Tired Mom’s Guide to Breastfeeding

This eBook contains more than just the basics of latch and positioning! I give you all the critical info you need to successfully manage your milk supply long term, packaged in a bullet-point format that even a tired mom can breeze through!

You Get: eBook + Cheat Sheets + Bonus Printables/Planning Pages
Price: $23