Online breastfeeding classes

The Ultimate Dairy-Free Breastfeeding Class

Starting a dairy-free breastfeeding diet doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Learn how to navigate ingredient labels, identify hidden dairy, figure out dairy substitutions, ease your baby’s symptoms & much more!

Lessons: 21 short video lessons organized in 5 units
Total Length:
1 hour 40 minutes (self-paced)
Price: $29 $19 (Limited Time Offer)

The Ultimate Back-To-Work Breastfeeding Class

Going back to work as a breastfeeding parent can be stressful. In this comprehensive course, we answer all your questions: Do I need a freezer stash? How do I build one? How do I select a pump? How do I keep my milk supply up or boost it if it drops? And so, so much more!

Course details coming soon!